All the answers that you’re looking for,

are within you

Do you want to connect with them?

Start right now!

AMA is a powerful energetic space, where there are no words needed. 
You just need to be present and receive.
This is an energetic session, deeply connected with the energy of our brothers and sisters from the Stars, our ancestors and the Council of Light.
The time has come for us to fully activate our ancestral memory.
Do you feel the calling?
I firmly believe that we are each our own guide and that we only need support during some parts of our journey.


I am here to take take you buy the hand, so that you can understand your past, be in a state of gratitude and acceptance for your present and manifest the future of your dreams. .





Connect with your ancestors



Embrace who you are



Materialize your dreams


Intuitive Love Healing

A fully personalized journey 

Life changing 1-1 sessions, so that you can fully let go of what no longer serves a purpose in your life and step into your power to thrive. I offer you different modalities to choose from, depending on exactly what you need right now. 



Connect with the depths of your soul 

A powerful guide so that you know where the planets were at the moment of your birth and how that impacts all areas of your life. It’s a deep recognition of your soul, of who you truly are, of your magic.


Get inspired

Powerful tools to reconnect with yourself now

My purpose is to serve, hold space, inspire, support and I want my message to reach all of those people that need it right now. If you are here, it is not a coincidence. Trust that there is a message for you here.

I’m Shadya,

 I’m a Spiritual Mentor, igniting deep transformation processes in the lives of thousands of people around the globe with my unique Intuitive Love Healing method to offer you a powerful and transformational therapeutic process.

My mission is to activate your ancestral memory and awaken the healer within you, so that you can have clarity on your main lessons, gifts and talents, know what your family loyalties are and activate those buttons of power within you, to amplify your magnetism.

I am half-Colombian, half-Lebanese, happily living in Barcelona with my 4 dogs.

 What do those who have trusted me have to say?

“Shadya is a fantastic facilitator and therapist – I’ve worked with her through enlightening Family Constellation Sessions and one to one holistic psychology sessions which have helped heal some very difficult relationships in my life. I thoroughly recommend working with her for anyone serious about their self-development and healing.”


“I came to Shadya with a deeply buried emotional pain linked to an event from my teenage years that had been triggered by a recent similar experience. Shadya was a fabulous intuitive facilitator who accompanied me lovingly and gently through a journey from pain and distress to acceptance. She led me, using meditation to my safe place and opened me up to receiving guidance from my ancestors. She gave me easy to use affirmations and mantras to accompany me in my daily life and supported me every step of the way. I can highly recommend working with Shadya as her intuition and love shine forth! A beautiful spiritual experience that transforms and heals.”


“Shadya emits energy, wisdom and light wherever she goes. Her work blends empathy and button pushing to challenge thought patterns and offer fresh perspective. The great things that came out of our sessions I have passed on to all my friends thanks Shadya! ”


“The most challenging thing in my personal development journey was to find someone that would understand me without me having to explain extensively my situation. Shadya was always spot on. She just got it and kindly guided me to face my own blockages that led me to the situation I was living with a lot of love and compassion. Feeling understood is what most stroke me the most in our sessions. I highly recommend her! ”


I wanted to reach out to you to tell you how grateful I am for your help in the past years. After starting to work with you, I have walked a difficult but extremely rewarding path…working with myself with you has changed my life for good. I have learned how to love myself and cherish my strengths, following my own path without needing to ask for approval. My relationships have changed, some friends have gone, some new ones have arrived. I no longer keep the door open for things and people that are not aligned with my personal values. I have been focusing on safe relationships that bring joy and happiness. I feel most happy and balanced as I have ever been, in my whole life. I have met the love of my life, the man of my dreams… I will rest in different ways whenever I can, so that I can shine bright. I am not forcing anything, but letting my own light shine and be open for interesting invitations. I have realized that I was never crazy, I just did not know and love myself well enough. And I feel free, so free. Now when I have chosen not to think about what others think about me and my life choices. Now when I have realized that it’s not others’ job to like me, it’s mine. I have no doubts of asking for help in the future if it gets too overwhelming – as now I feel like I’m strong enough to admit I feel weak at times. Thank you for walking this path with me.


“The phrase “when the student is ready the teacher will appear” became true in my life when I met Shadya. She has guided me to understand aspects of my psyche that were causing me distress and I did not have a clear explanation for them until after I met with her. She is truly a healer, and a very intuitive one. Having met her has opened the path for reconciliation with my true self. I owe her a lot! 100% Recommended.”


“I’ve had the beautiful opportunity of meeting this great human being and have several sessions together, where she helped me, with her love, charisma, knowledge and experience, to gain very useful tools to navigate life. I don’t doubt for a second to keep on hiring her services every time that I need it. I recommend her 100% to all of those who are looking for that helping had. She is a Sun that illuminates our lives. A thousand thanks, my dear Shadya!”


“I am so grateful with life for putting her in my path. She is so receptive to energy that I really connect with her. She helps me center my thoughts, she guides me when I’m spiraling, she has taught me to always focus on the positive aspects of myself, she has reminded me that I’m allowed to dream and to receive. She is an unconditional support and I’ll always be so grateful to her.”


“I cannot speak highly enough of my sessions with Shadya. I have seen multiple psychologists in my time, and have never quite been able to get to the bottom of what it was that was blocking me from reaching my potential and from feeling content and fulfilled. Using alternative, powerful techniques, Shadya was able to guide me to confront and reconcile areas of my past that I didn’t even realise that I had been carrying. I experienced remarkable physical and psychological improvements immediately and have not looked back. She is talented, gifted, amazing and will change your life – I highly recommend her to anyone!!!”


“The day that I met Shadya through her therapy a piece of my heart was healed. Without guilt, without pain, with a lot of love, she helped a missing piece of my life to fit in perfectlyand gave me the strength to continue on my journey. Thank you, Shadya, for being you and for your beautiful healing words. ”


“Through my process with Shadya, I was able to reconduct my life and see it through a new perspective. She helped me open a new path. Shadya is light.”


“Shadya puts into clear words what our heart is feeling. In both good and bad days, I ALWAYS connect with her words.”


“Shadya was an indispensable help in identifying the root cause of some problems that I was having with my partner. By addressing those issues we were able to overcome the pressure that our relationship was under. I truly recommend Shadya for any troubles you are having with yourself, in your relationship or within your family.”


“Shadya has therapies and workshops that help heal really old blocks in a very loving way. I love how she guides us to heal within ourselves all of those wounds. I absolutely recommend her. I’ve felt happy and at peace after each session with her.”


“Shadya is an amazing mentor. Through intuition and love, she helps you heal those old wounds that don’t let you move forward. I recommend her sessions 100%”


Now, in this moment, you can go back to yourself and choose peace.
That is already a huge step in the direction of the life of your dreams.