We’re all beings of love,with limitless potential, living a human experience. 

Often, social conditioning, your experiences, beliefs and survival mechanisms have led you to forget who you truly are.


You will be able to see your past clearly, to know how the experiences of your ancestors have an effect on you, to identify the deep wounds of your inner child and how they have shaped what you are currently experiencing.  

You will be able to embrace the present with strength, to deeply understand the lessons it brings and the meaning behind the signals you have been receiving.  

You will be able to create a map of the wonderful life you want to have, where you expand and shine more and more.  


We are constantly changing and evolving.

That is an inevitable part of the wonderful human experience we have the gift to live.

However, sometimes you may feel that certain patterns repeat themselvesover and over again, or you come across an issue that you don't know how to manage, or perhaps you feel a strong calling to create deeper connections or simply desire more for yourself and your life. 

 Intuitive Love Healing

After years of experience and supporting thousands of individuals in their personal and professional journeys,  I am convinced that we are all unique and going through our own processes.

We all have our own rhythms.

We will have an hour to explore what is present in your life right now and why you are experiencing it. I will guide you to transform it from the root so that, from there, you can continue creating the life of your dreams. 

Each session is absolutely transformative and combines powerful tools to have a broader understanding of your essence, your zone of genius, your magnetism, so that you can truly let go of what no longer serves a purpose in your life. 

I have full certainty that this session will be absolutely revolutionary for you and that you will gain clarity, peace, and a deeper understanding right from the start. 


Intuitive Love Healing is perfect for people who are… 


  • Ready to understand and strengthen their relationship with themselves and others 
  • Experiencing burnout and want to learn how to set healthy boundaries and create a life that allows them to thrive again 
  • Curious about what has happened in their past lives and how that may be impacting their present 
  • Open to receiving messages from their ancestors and connecting with their lineage
  • Seeking support to navigate a problem that has come up in their life 
  • Ready to deeply appreciate their blessings and all that they do have
  • Wanting a deeper connection with their emotions 

If one or more of these resonate with you, take a moment to place your hands over your heart, take a few deep breaths and ask yourself:

“Does an Intuitive Love Healing session feel expansive to me?”

If your soul says “yes”, then I would absolutely love to connect with you.

The Session:

When you book your Intuitive Love Healing session, you will be asked to provide your name and your birth details (date, time and location). Then at our scheduled time, we will connect via Zoom through the link generated at the time of your booking (you will have an email with this link in your booking confirmation email).

A few minutes before the session, I will look at your Astrology Natal Chart and your Human Design Chart to begin to explore your energetic blueprint. This will allow me to see the most aligned way for you to express your energy, the direction your soul is being guided towards in this lifetime, your natural strengths, areas where you are prone to conditioning, and so much more.

Then we will begin the session by getting to know each other, and then I will ask you what you would like to focus on during our time together. As you share, I will ask you questions and allow my intuition to guide me towards what I feel would best support you.

Throughout the session, I blend my background in Psychology, Journalism, Family Constellations, Ancestral Healing, Astrology, Energy Transmission and Healing, Reiki, Akashic Records, Emotional Freedom Technique (Tapping), Channelling and Mediumship to create a signature experience for you. My intuition will guide me to create the most transformative experience for you to support you on your journey, both on a physical and a soul level. Every session is unique and tailored to best support you. 

What You Get: 

You will leave the session with a deep sense of peace and compassion for yourself and everyone involved in the dynamics explored during your session.

You will understand the root cause of why you are in the situation you are in and the next steps you need to take to create the life of your dreams.

You will feel like your heart has been opened and full of gratitude for the connections and transformations you made during the session.

You'll experience deep liberation that will have massive benefits in all areas of your life. 

You'll receive more clarity and feel more expanded, connecting with a new world of possibilities. 



Want to take things to the next level?


Book an additional Ancestral Memory Activation (AMA)


A deep remembrance of who you truly are and what you came here to do.

An Ancestral Memory Activation (AMA) is a powerful energetic session where you lay down, close your eyes, open up and receive.

During the activation, I sing, play instruments and play music that I feel intuitively called to as I energetically guide you through a deep shamanic journey.

While doing the activation, I see your spirit guides, ascended masters, spirit animals, ancestors and/or past lives.

I explore what your biggest mission is during this lifetime and am guided to see what might be some of the challenges that come up on your journey.

I tune into your strongest sense and activate it to allow you to tune into your intuitive gifts even more.

I scan your chakras and explore what is blocked and what is open and do.

Then after the activation is complete I guide you to bring your energy back into your physical body, and then I share what came through, and it always resonates.

The AMA session will accelerate the process of helping you to connect with your intuitive gifts on a deeper level.

You will feel a greater sense of trust and understanding deep within yourself.

You will remember things that have been dormant and allow them to open up and flourish again.

As the activation continues energetically over the next weeks you will feel like it has ignited amazing possibilities and transformations in your life.

You will feel as though you have been put in the fast lane of miracles and synchronicities.

You will also get an Intuitive Love Healing session, to process and integrate everything that comes through during your AMA.

The AMA session is done via Zoom and lasts around one hour.

*AMA sessions are not sold separately as the Intuitive Love Healing session will help you to further integrate everything that comes through during and after your AMA session


 I love each of my clients with all my heart and I feel so grateful to be a witness to the magic and miracles that have happened in their lives, since they’ve worked with me.

May their voices share with you more of what they’ve experienced during our time together:

"I met Shadya at a time when my life was changing, and from the very beginning, I felt how she transmitted energy and so much love to embark on this new stage. I started therapy with her recently, and she has helped me feel secure and confident, rediscover myself, and taught me to believe in myself. Thank you so much for sharing your energy and knowledge. You are an incredible woman." 


"On the day I met Shadya, through her therapy, I healed a piece of my heart. Without guilt, without pain, with a lot of love, she helped a fragment of my life finally fall into place and gave me even more motivation to move forward. Thank you for being yourself and for your beautiful words of healing."


"Shadya offers therapies and workshops that help heal long-standing blocks in a very loving and reconciling way. I love how she addresses the issues and how she simplifies the process of healing our own wounds. I wholeheartedly recommend her without hesitation. One feels happy and at peace after each appointment with her."


"I immensely enjoyed my session with Shadya! It was mainly because of the peace and tranquility she exudes, especially the loving energy that emanates from her. She allows you to open up and show yourself as you truly are, and express what you feel. It was wonderful and helped me understand the root of my problems and emotions. Absolutely recommended."


"I have had the beautiful opportunity to meet this wonderful human being and have several sessions together. With her love, charisma, knowledge, and experience, she has provided me with very useful tools to solve things in the best possible way. I have no doubt, and I will continue to seek her services whenever I need them. I wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone who is in search of a helping hand. She is a sun that brightens many of our lives. Thank you so much, my Shadya."  “.


"Shadya is a combination of scientific and alternative techniques to work through the blocks that prevent us from moving forward. She is highly intuitive but also grounded. What I like most about her is that she doesn't just stop at diagnosis; she provides a grounded perspective to help us take action."


Thank you so much for being here. 

I am so happy to be a part of your journey.

I see you.

I honor you.

I recognize you.

You were born for great things and I want to remind you of all your magic, all your light and all your magnetism.

This is your time.