If I had to choose a word to describe myself, without a doubt, that would be it. While I was growing up, in my beautiful Barranquilla, a coastal city in northern Colombia, I had very clear that laughter, spontaneity and joy would be those traits that would be a part of me throughout my life. I am the daughter of a Lebanese Muslim and a Colombian Catholic, that met in an airplane, like the clear epiphany that when love and destiny conspire, all of the other details just fit in. I grew up being both a  romantic and a dreamer,  with the firm belief that  dreams come true. 


Citizen of the world

I had the fortune of growing up surrounded by a big and loving family. Besides having the unconditional support of my parents, my sister and my brother, I also had (and have) the infinite love of my grandparents, aunts, uncles, over 40 cousins and of all of those wonderful friends that I’ve met along the way. I was born with the blessing of belonging to two worlds: the Arab and the Latin, and that gave me the immense privilege of integrating them within me to know that for love, borders don’t exist and that we all really do smile in the same language.

“My shadow scared me and I felt that I didn’t have the tools that I needed to face life.”

Even with all of this beauty, I’ve experienced throughout my life, moments of deep darkness. I felt that there was something in me that was missing. I was always anxious and my fears didn’t let me sleep at night. During my teenage years I felt even more misunderstood, angry and sad. I didn’t fit in with neither the children nor the adults. I’ve found myself a lot in that limbo, where pessimism was my best friend. My shadow scared me and I felt that I didn’t have the tools that I needed to face life. As I grew up, I felt that everything around me affected me deeply and that made me even more insecure.


Ever since I can remember, writing has been the channel by which I express the deepest feelings of my soul. A I’ve always had around me, countless little notebooks, where I’ve written all about love, heart-break and everything in between. My dream always was to be a writer.  Being able to move the deepest fibers in people’s hearts. Before becoming one, I decided that I should go to university and chose two areas that passion me deeply:  Psychology and Journalism. After many years of living in Bogotá, that magical Colombian capital that became my home, I decided that the time had arrived for me to spread my wings and go experience first hand the day to day life of those different cultures that had fascinated me for so long.

“I knew well that part of my joy, was directly connected with the possibility of being able to interact with men and women from different cultures.”

While enjoying those annual summers in our beloved Karaoun in Lebanon,  I always had the opportunity to travel and connect with people from different cultures and creeds. I knew well that part of my joy, was directly connected with the possibility of being able to interact with men and women from different cultures. Being able to listen to different languages and get to know different ways of living, were the key factors in determining that I had to live in a city where different nationalities converged. After having the gift of travelling al around the globe, I visited Germany for the first time and my heart stopped. Even today, many years later, I can’t quite explain how or why, but I knew that that country would be my home, at least for a while. Munich was the chosen city and there, for several years, I had the blessing of interacting with people from all over. 

“The world belongs to those who believe firmly in their dreams and know that they have everything within them to make them come true.”

While I was vacationing in Barranquilla, one very late December night, I decided that I was going to finally publish my first book. There was nothing left to wait. I set myself in motion, I knocked on the right doors, met the perfect people and my dream became a reality. I wrote it in English, even though Spanish is my mother tongue. I hope that I can soon have it in many languages, so that I can share a message of love and hope with the world. Today with, Believe, The fine art of setting yourself free, I receive the validation that dreams do come true. 


I am convinced that cycles end and that we have to be very much in sync with our heart’s calling and life’s signs. That’s why, after many years, I decided to leave my home in Munich. I was thirsty for change. 

I arrived to Barcelona for a weekend, and then that became two weeks, and now it’s been a couple of years. Here, I’ve reconnected with the spontaneity and the joy that had been freezing up back in Germany. 

Here, the doors opened up completely for me and I feel that every day I’m connected more and more to my true essence. I am a Clinical Psychologist, with an emphasis in Psychoanalysis, a Social Communicator, a Journalist. I felt, nonetheless, that I needed to find a deep tool to be able to be catalyst for people’s transformations. That’s why, I created my own Intuitive Healing method, where I combine Psychology, Astrology, Family Constellations, EFT-Tapping, Channeling and many other tools, that allow me to have a more holistic approach to be a part of people’s journeys in a more loving and respectful way. My aim is that we can all enjoy fully this crazy and intense human experience, without forgetting our true connection with the divine. 


I believe in love, that when we want something to happen, we make it happen; in that happiness depends solely on ourselves; that our limitations truly only exist in our minds; that we are all living our own processes; that every encounter and every experience bring lessons; that we are all wonderful beings of light; that gratitude and a smile open up the doors of eternal bliss.

Right now, i feel happy, grateful and at peace. I know that I am exactly where I’m supposed to be and that is a feeling that I wouldn’t trade for anything. I celebrate, value and appreciate being alive and having the privilege of choosing to be happy. The life of my dreams is this one. A life where every instant is precisely dedicated to that: living.  

Thank you for being here, for reading my story and for allowing your heart to vibrate, to love, to dream and to believe in happiness.

You deserve the world, darling. 

Much love and light,