We are here thanks to our father and our motherand every single one of our ancestors that came before us.

When we have a look into our family tree, with immense gratitude, understanding everything they’ve been through so that we can fully enjoy life, we occupy our place, we take the strength that comes from them and we are able to live fulfilling, successful, abundant lives in all areas. 

Connecting with my ancestors has been, without a doubt, the most transformational experience of my life and I want you to have that opportunity as well. 

This is why I’ve created, ANCESTRALa powerful group space, so that we can go deep into your family tree, understand the messages that they want to bring forward and let go of what doesn’t belong to you.

Getting to know our transgenerational story is key in fully understanding all of those issues that we are carrying, those patterns that we are repeating, and the invisible loyalties that we have with one or more of our ancestors. By using Family Constellations,, Systemic Movements,EFT-Tapping and Channeling, we can access powerful informationthat has been hidden in our clan. 

ANCESTRALis a powerful group workshop where every participant can fully connect with their ancestors. We will embark on on a powerful journey through different family trees so that you can fully receive the messages that are there for you, liberate yourself from what doesn’t belong to you and feel the infinite love of those beings that have been here before you so that you can embrace life more fully. 

The people who receive a Family Constellation, will be chosen by me on the spot, based on what I feel is present in the energy Field. And, even though I can’t guarantee that everyone will actually receive an individual constellation, I CAN promise you that everyone will have a deeply transformative experience,have insights and receive loving messages from their ancestors.


Modality: Presencial

Language: Español e inglés (depende de los participantes)

Date: domingo, 17 de julio de 2023

Time: 17 a 20hrs

Duration: 3 horas

Lugar: Tandem Studio, Via Laietana 45, 3-1, 08003, Barcelona

$88 usd

*plazas limitadas

I’m Shadya and

I’m here for you

I'm a Spiritual Mentor and I ignite processes of deep transformation in the lives of thousands of people around the globe through my unique Intuitive Healing method, that combines Psychology,  Astrology, Family Constellations, EFT-Tapping and Channeling a to offer a holistic approach that is powerful and transformative. 

It is time for you to listen to what your soul is trying to tell you and connect with who you truly are. 


I love each of my clients with all my heart and I feel so grateful to be a witness to the magic and miracles that have happened in their lives, since they’ve worked with me.

May their voices share with you more of what they’ve experienced during our time together:

"I met Shadya at a time when my life was changing, and from the very beginning, I felt how she transmitted energy and so much love to embark on this new stage. I started therapy with her recently, and she has helped me feel secure and confident, rediscover myself, and taught me to believe in myself. Thank you so much for sharing your energy and knowledge. You are an incredible woman." 


"On the day I met Shadya, through her therapy, I healed a piece of my heart. Without guilt, without pain, with a lot of love, she helped a fragment of my life finally fall into place and gave me even more motivation to move forward. Thank you for being yourself and for your beautiful words of healing."


"Shadya offers therapies and workshops that help heal long-standing blocks in a very loving and reconciling way. I love how she addresses the issues and how she simplifies the process of healing our own wounds. I wholeheartedly recommend her without hesitation. One feels happy and at peace after each appointment with her."


"I immensely enjoyed my session with Shadya! It was mainly because of the peace and tranquility she exudes, especially the loving energy that emanates from her. She allows you to open up and show yourself as you truly are, and express what you feel. It was wonderful and helped me understand the root of my problems and emotions. Absolutely recommended."


"I have had the beautiful opportunity to meet this wonderful human being and have several sessions together. With her love, charisma, knowledge, and experience, she has provided me with very useful tools to solve things in the best possible way. I have no doubt, and I will continue to seek her services whenever I need them. I wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone who is in search of a helping hand. She is a sun that brightens many of our lives. Thank you so much, my Shadya."  “.


"Shadya is a combination of scientific and alternative techniques to work through the blocks that prevent us from moving forward. She is highly intuitive but also grounded. What I like most about her is that she doesn't just stop at diagnosis; she provides a grounded perspective to help us take action."



After you experience ANCESTRAL nothing will ever be the same ANCESTRAL, because you will have the deep certainty that you have behind you a loving army of men and women that support and lift you towards life.