Connect with your Astrological DNA

Through Astrology we can get to know ourselves deeply, connect with our soul’s wise messages and know that we are always guided, inspired, supported. 

I have created AstroCode so that, in a very practical way, you can access the most important information in your Natal Chart. AstroCode is your own magical guide of 30 + pages,where I detail your Astrological DNA so that you connect with how you’re designed to shine,establish relaciones, disfrutar y compartir de tus talentos y mucho más.


AstroCode is your own magical guide of 30 + pages, where I detail your Astrological DNA so that you connect with how you’re designed to shine, establish relationships, share your talents and so much more. para que puedas conectar con tus fortalezas, grandes aprendizajes y ventanas de oportunidad, para que vivas realmente desde tu esencia magnética y mágica.


I share with you where your planets are and how that impacts you, so that you can connect with your strengths, your greatest lessons and windows of opportunity so that you can truly live from your most magical and magnetic self. El baile de tu Carta Natal te hace única y quiero que, a través de tu AstroCode, puedas siempre recordarlo.

Esta es una oferta especial por ser parte de la comunidad de Claudia

AstroCode ha llegado a ti por mi gran amiga Claudia Vignatti. Como un regalo especial, tienes 10€ de descuento. El precio al público del AstroCode son 88€ y tú puedes tenerlo, durante las siguientes 48 horas por 78€.  

I’m Shadya and

I’m here for you

La Astrology Astrology has completely changed my life and I am convinced that it will change yours too.

I'm a Spiritual Mentor and I ignite processes of deep transformation in the lives of thousands of people around the globe through my unique Intuitive Healing method, that combines Psychology,  Astrology, Family Constellations, EFT-Tapping and Channeling a to offer a holistic approach that is powerful and transformative. 

I use Intuitive and Psychological Astrology, and I have created AstroCode specially for you. Astrología Psicológica e Intuitiva y, por eso, he creado AstroCode especiamente para ti: 

It is time for you to listen to what your soul is trying to tell you and connect with who you truly are. 


I love each of my clients with all my heart and I feel so grateful to be a witness to the magic and miracles that have happened in their lives, since they’ve worked with me.

May their voices share with you more of what they’ve experienced during our time together:

"I met Shadya at a time when my life was changing, and from the very beginning, I felt how she transmitted energy and so much love to embark on this new stage. I started therapy with her recently, and she has helped me feel secure and confident, rediscover myself, and taught me to believe in myself. Thank you so much for sharing your energy and knowledge. You are an incredible woman." 


"On the day I met Shadya, through her therapy, I healed a piece of my heart. Without guilt, without pain, with a lot of love, she helped a fragment of my life finally fall into place and gave me even more motivation to move forward. Thank you for being yourself and for your beautiful words of healing."


"Shadya offers therapies and workshops that help heal long-standing blocks in a very loving and reconciling way. I love how she addresses the issues and how she simplifies the process of healing our own wounds. I wholeheartedly recommend her without hesitation. One feels happy and at peace after each appointment with her."


"I immensely enjoyed my session with Shadya! It was mainly because of the peace and tranquility she exudes, especially the loving energy that emanates from her. She allows you to open up and show yourself as you truly are, and express what you feel. It was wonderful and helped me understand the root of my problems and emotions. Absolutely recommended."


"I have had the beautiful opportunity to meet this wonderful human being and have several sessions together. With her love, charisma, knowledge, and experience, she has provided me with very useful tools to solve things in the best possible way. I have no doubt, and I will continue to seek her services whenever I need them. I wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone who is in search of a helping hand. She is a sun that brightens many of our lives. Thank you so much, my Shadya."  “.


"Shadya is a combination of scientific and alternative techniques to work through the blocks that prevent us from moving forward. She is highly intuitive but also grounded. What I like most about her is that she doesn't just stop at diagnosis; she provides a grounded perspective to help us take action."


Are you ready to connect with your Astrological DNA?

AstroCode es el punto de referencia al que siempre puedes volver. Tenerlo, es un susurro del alma, que te recuerda que existe un Plan Divino, que nunca estás sola y que tu existencia cumple un profundo propósito de amor. 

Recuerda que por venir de parte de Claudia, puedes tener tu AstroCode durante las siguientes 48 horas,  por un precio especial de 78€.