Connect with your Astrological DNA 

Through Astrology we can get to know ourselves deeply, connect with our soul’s wise messages and know that we are always guided, inspired, supported.

I have created AstroCode so that, in a very practical way, you can access the most important information in your Natal Chart.

AstroCode is your own magical guide of  30 + pages, where I detail your Astrological DNA so that you connect with how you’re designed to shine, establish relationships, share your talents and so much more. 


I share with you where your planets are and how that impacts you, so that you can connect with your strengths, your greatest lessons and windows of opportunity so that you can truly live from your most magical and magnetic self. 


It is beautifully designed specially for you. Your Natal Chart’s dance is unique and I want you to always remember how special you are through your AstroCode. 

88 euros

I’m Shadya and I’m here with you

Astrology has completely changed my life and I am convinced that it will change yours too.  

I’m a Spiritual Mentor and I ignite processes of deep transformation  in the lives of thousands of people around the globe through my unique Intuitive Healing method, that combines   Psychology,  Astrology, Family Constellations, EFT-Tapping and Channeling a to offer a holistic approach that is powerful and transformative.  

I use Intuitive and Psychological Astrology,  and I have created  AstroCode specially for you: 

The time has arrived for you to listen to what your soul has been trying to tell you, so that you can finally connect with who you really are. 


I love each of my clients with all my heart and I feel so grateful to be a witness to the magic and miracles that have happened in their lives, since they’ve worked with me.

May their voices share with you more of what they’ve experienced during our time together:

“I cannot speak highly enough of my sessions with Shadya. I have seen multiple psychologists in my time, and have never quite been able to get to the bottom of what it was that was blocking me from reaching my potential and from feeling content and fulfilled. Using alternative, powerful techniques, Shadya was able to guide me to confront and reconcile areas of my past that I didn’t even realise that I had been carrying. I experienced remarkable physical and psychological improvements immediately and have not looked back. She is talented, gifted, amazing and will change your life – I highly recommend her to anyone!!! “


I came to Shadya with a deeply buried emotional pain linked to an event from my teenage years that had been triggered by a recent similar experience. Shadya was a fabulous intuitive facilitator who accompanied me lovingly and gently through a journey from pain and distress to acceptance. She led me, using meditation to my safe place and opened me up to receiving guidance from my ancestors. She gave me easy to use affirmations and mantras to accompany me in my daily life and supported me every step of the way. I can highly recommend working with Shadya as her intuition and love shine forth! A beautiful spiritual experience that transforms and heals.”


“The most challenging thing in my personal development journey was to find someone that would understand me without me having to explain extensively my situation. Shadya was always spot on. She just got it and kindly guided me to face my own blockages that led me to the situation I was living with a lot of love and compassion. Feeling understood is what most stroke me the most in our sessions. I highly recommend her! ❤”


The phrase “when the student is ready the teacher will appear” became true in my life when I met  Shadya. She has guided me to understand aspects of my psyche that were causing me distress and I did not have a clear explanation for them until after I met with her. She is truly a healer, and a very intuitive one. Having met her has opened the path for reconciliation with my true self. I owe her a lot! 100% Recommended.”


“Shadya is a fantastic facilitator and therapist – I’ve worked with her through enlightening Family Constellation Sessions and one to one holistic psychology sessions which have helped heal some very difficult relationships in my life. I thoroughly recommend working with her for anyone serious about their self-development and healing.”


“Shadya emits energy, wisdom and light wherever she goes. Her work blends empathy and button pushing to challenge thought patterns and offer fresh perspective. The great things that came out of our sessions I have passed on to all my friends thanks Shadya! “


Are you ready to connect with your Astrological DNA? 

AstroCode is the reference point that you always can go back to. Having it, is a profound whisper from your soul to remind you that there is a Divine Plan, that you are never alone and that your existence has a deep purpose of love.